Tree Purchasing Tips

Tree Purchasing Tips

Try measuring the Space where your Tree will be spending Christmas BEFORE  you head out with the Family to choose your tree.

You will avoid having to cut  the tree to squeeze it in.


  • Don’t forget the average floor to ceiling distance is 2.4m (8 feet).
  • When you place a tree in a water holding stand and put a decoration on top you add about 15-20cms (6-8 inches to its height).
  • When the label says 175-200cm it is usually measured to the point where the last row of branches (the laterals) fold against the top the Stem (the Leader)
  • So the tree may actually be taller than the upper height on the label.
  • A large 175-200cm tree or a small 200-250cm tree will be the appropriate height for most houses.
  • If you have a taller ceiling, tell the Assistant the height and they will most likely identify the perfect height for your home.


  • Be careful your tree is not too wide and ends up taking over the room
  • A tree should be no more than 60% as wide as it is tall –a tree that is 180cm (6 feet tall) should be less than 1.1m wide.
  • A tree may have a few stray branches at the bottom on one side- remember you can trim these off to fit it more neatly in the corner.


  • Decide on the style of tree you want based on how you like to decorate.
  • If you wish to have minimal decoration with baubles, but use loads of lights, then a very full bushy tree is likely to be best for you.
  • A tree that is slightly more open and tiered may be more suitable if you like to use a lot of hanging decoration or candles.
  • Remember you have the option of trimming the tree when you get it home.
  • So if you love the tree- but it has a slight imperfection – a little nip/tuck might do the trick. You too can be a Tree Surgeon.